Laurent Magnier

Master craftsman, dedicated to helping you realize your projects.

With over 30 years of experience in the construction and design industries, I now use my expertise towards the creation and the design of custom-made  furniture and everyday objects.


I always consider my client's needs by taking into account the  environment and using only high-grade materials for wood, iron and related products.


Between my whole-hearted commitment, passion for creation, willingness to share ideas and my desire to produce unique works of art, you can be assured of a rare and  high-quality craftsmanship.


My priority is to use Burgundian wood, found close to the work shop, for my designs. I rely on the “Léo” sawmill, as my main supplier, trusting them not only for their unparalleled quality but most of that because they sustainably exploits local wood, using it exclusively in a 5 km radius around their site.

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